Health Care Fully Medium Baby Diaper





  • The Dry Touch Liner
    Many babies (mine included) do not like to feel moisture again their skin. This special layer wicks moisture away from the skin, leaving the baby feeling dry. .
  • Absorbancy
    Let me tell you that not all diapers are created equal when it comes to absorbency. Quality, name brand diapers are in my opinion, more absorbent. Don’t get me wrong, diapers should not stay on the baby for extended periods of time during the day, but at night, waking a baby (and yourself) for a diaper change should only be required for messes (and this typically ends around 2 months).
  • The Super Soft Lining
    With summer here, more and more babies are wearing just their diapers. There is nothing like the soft feeling of the baby’s bum in a diaper that doesn’t feel like paper or plastic.
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